20 January 2008

Early mornings

Got up before six this morning to get the ride out of the way, nice and early, and was treated to a lovely sunrise. Dew covering the earth, clouds on the horizon and NO traffic (not that traffic is ever a problem in Omaruru..).
Took way to much water along, thinking I would be prepared for any eventuality. Instead all I needed was the Cappuccino gracefully offered by my riding buddy after we realized our bodies could not handle the planned training ride. Cappuccino tastes a lot better than water at that time of the morning, especially after a long and hard week of training!
Gotta love my job!


Groot Lem said...

Cool site, good luck for the year, hope its the big one. Come ride tour de boland 14-16 Feb.

tsindle said...

Nice one Craven! Keep it up I can like to be seeing pretty pictures from Namibia.