13 February 2008

Nedbank Cycle Challenge

I did my first race of the season on Sunday, lining up for the 75km Nedbank Cycle Challenge. In the pouring rain. What made the race even more interesting was the bike I had chosen to ride on.
A BEN bike. An old 'Benino' with downtube shifters and a whopping six gears at the back. The idea was to give the Bicycle Empowerment Network some coverage and see what an old clunker worth N$450 could do.
Obviously my training has been paying off (thanks Robbie!) because I was able to win hands down (solo about three minutes ahead of the bunch) and had a fabulous time along the way.
Will try and write some more later, right now I have to get out of this inet cafe! Really look forward to getting decent internet again soon...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Well done!!!

Tell me you didn't have to pay for it :-)

...on second thoughts though...I've been looking for an upgrade...