31 January 2008


Even though staying in Omaruru is great for my form and concentration I can not really stay there forever so have fled the lonely confines of the platteland and am in Windhoek for a week. Seeing Dentist's, Chiro's and a whole bunch of other people and things.
Great to see some familiar faces again and of course keep up with the training. Things have been easy on that front as it has been a rest week, but with a power test just around the corner I am looking forward to seeing what my training has achieved up until now.
Should be fun!

20 January 2008

Early mornings

Got up before six this morning to get the ride out of the way, nice and early, and was treated to a lovely sunrise. Dew covering the earth, clouds on the horizon and NO traffic (not that traffic is ever a problem in Omaruru..).
Took way to much water along, thinking I would be prepared for any eventuality. Instead all I needed was the Cappuccino gracefully offered by my riding buddy after we realized our bodies could not handle the planned training ride. Cappuccino tastes a lot better than water at that time of the morning, especially after a long and hard week of training!
Gotta love my job!

19 January 2008

Rain, Glorious rain!

After a long spell of terribly hot conditions the heavens have finally decided to open up and bring us some much needed rain!
With temperatures not going quite as high at the moment I am more than happy, even if I have to walk my bike over the river in order to get to the tar road...

16 January 2008

Piggies and killer rides

Piggies and killer rides

Training has been going well over the last few days. Too well actually. I seem to have overdone things again yesterday which leaves me completely buggered right now. Nothing that a bit of R&R can't fix though!

Then it'll be back into the 5hour rides with 90minute intervals… Fun and games!

Other than that I have been keeping myself amused on the roads by keeping an eye on all of the warthogs that are out in full force at this time of year. As it is so dry the piggies are gravitating towards the road sides where they might find the last few tufts of grass to nibble on.

Not being used to cyclists they all run as soon as they see/smell me and usually try to take out the farmers fences in the process of getting away from whatever atrocities I was about to bestow upon them.

This leads to some hilarious gymnastic action as the taughtly strung wires throw the pigs in all kinds of directions and even a broken fence pole here and there.

The best must have been when two small pigs were going for the same hole in a wire mesh fence. The result being that one of them did not quite make it and went slap bang into the fence, which acting as a trampoline, bounced the little blighter almost a meter backwards.

Being thick skinned he barely felt anything and kept on running, making I through the now uncongested hole a second time round.

Will have to try to get some pics, acrobatic pig pics should go down well!

12 January 2008

Meanwhile back in Cadenazzo..

So while I am melting away on the swealtering Namibian roads my European team mates seem to be having fun in the snow, acting like the mad men they so truely are.

My flag seems to have joined in on the fun and games.
Rather it than me!

11 January 2008

09 January 2008

Miles miles and miles

Well it seems safe to say that things are back on track again and that I have started putting the miles in again. Still a lot of work lies ahead but it just feels so good to be able to jump on the bike and go out for a hard ride and not be afraid of getting sick again.
Today's ride was made that much more interesting by a howling wind as it took me 1h55 to ride 50km out of town. The return journey flew by in just 1h10, leaving me with some time to make up so I doubled back to make up four hours. Not after a refill at the classic 'Alles in Een Winkel' though.

07 January 2008

Training Again

So training has been topsy turvy over the last few weeks, and that's putting it lightly!
Since the beginning of the year (a whole week ago) my health seems to have been coming along nicely and training is once again an option. Did my first 3hour ride in a long time today and even though I was rather buggered at the end I was able to push a decent power for the whole ride and am rather happy with the way I am feeling right now! Tomorrow will be an easy day, no need to overdo thing again now!