12 June 2009


Once more I have been letting my mother and all of my regular readers down since... well... I can't even remember when I last wrote something for my blog.
It's a loooong story, but I have been enjoying life in England settling into the new team and surroundings (but not enjoying my 'personal' side of the cycling so much).
Right now I'm in Quebec, Canada with the team, doing the Tour de Beauce and celebrating Matt Cronshaw's win in the Crit! Two days ago Darren Lapthorne won a stage as well and Tommy Southam is sitting pretty on 10th on GC, so all in all I think it is fair to say that we are having fun.
Some pretty cool pictures and stories from the tour so far, so with a bit of effort I might just overcome my usual procrastination and actually share them with you.
Now I need to get some sleep though. Two stages to come. Should be fun!

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