20 January 2008

Early mornings

Got up before six this morning to get the ride out of the way, nice and early, and was treated to a lovely sunrise. Dew covering the earth, clouds on the horizon and NO traffic (not that traffic is ever a problem in Omaruru..).
Took way to much water along, thinking I would be prepared for any eventuality. Instead all I needed was the Cappuccino gracefully offered by my riding buddy after we realized our bodies could not handle the planned training ride. Cappuccino tastes a lot better than water at that time of the morning, especially after a long and hard week of training!
Gotta love my job!


Anonymous said...

Cool site, good luck for the year, hope its the big one. Come ride tour de boland 14-16 Feb.

tsindle said...

Nice one Craven! Keep it up I can like to be seeing pretty pictures from Namibia.