04 July 2008

Am I alive?

Well, of course I am alive. Just doesn't mean that I have been updating my blog of late.
See what happened is that I suddenly hit a HUGE hole in the middle of my season and was left without any races. Now sitting in Europe, in the back of a junkyard (I should post some pics) is hard at the best of times. But when you suddenly find that you can not do what you came here to do... then all motivation kind of drifts away.. And with that any desire to write Ride Mag Diary's (got it in at the last minute, later than ever before...) or update a blog.
Now things are back on track though! I have my first race in over a month coming up within 13 hours and although the form is not top notch, it should be a fun venture in the Jura mountains in Western Switzerland.
After that I plan on updating things a bit more regularly. Keep your fingers crossed ;)

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