17 July 2008

Medio Brenta

So the race went as expected. I suffered. Problem was that I suffered a bit much AND I was in the break of the day when we hit the 12km climb and I faded like a gelato in the sun...
I kept on going, eventually even being passed by the broom wagon, but I was not bothered. Got in a great training ride with a lot of climbing and eventually rolled into the finish to find the rest of the team all changed and waiting for me so that we could leave for home.
Matteo, Jaro and Konrad came home in the second bunch so the day was not too great for us, but not a failure either.
Towards the end of my training ride I noticed that my lower back started hurting and my left legs seemed to be working at less than 100% which is slightly concerning. Now I have to figure out what has brought this about.. hmmm..

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