30 January 2009

Rapha-Condor 2009

Although the last weeks seemed to take forever to go by, the time to jump on board an Air Namibia Boeing and jet into London finally came.
I landed in a cold and wet London, Friday 23 Jan and headed over to the Rapha offices to meet some of my new sponsors as well as new team mates. After an amusing afternoon there and a quick stop over at our accommodation for the night we moved on to the posh Hotel Malmaison for the team presentation.
I was asked to introduce the bike to the crowds so had a few nervous moments in the spotlight and froze nicely when we went outside for a team photo!
Other than that the night went by in a flash as there was always something to do and somebody to talk to. Had a ball.
After that I had two nights in my new house for the next few months before flying out to Malaga, Spain, for the teams second training camp. While every else is enjoying the sun and warmth, I have a sore throat from the cold... Not what I had in mind, but then again, also nothing new or different for my return to chilly Europe.
I'm already feeling a lot better so after two overly cautious days I hope to be out on the bike again for a proper ride in the morning.
One observation using a piece of Davide's old wisdom's. A teams spirit is measured by their actions at the dinner table. As everyone only gets up about 15minutes after the last person finished eating I think we are headed in a very good direction!

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