09 February 2009

Chilly Times

Training in the UK has not been quite as bad as I had expected. Which means that I have actually been able to train as opposed to sitting in the house all day sulking.
Somehow my body seems to have acclimatised to a reasonable extent and I have been out and about in three degrees with snow covered fields and freezing toes and fingers. That means the rides have not been as long as they would have been back home and I'm nervous to find out how that works out down the line.
At least the team's off to Spain again soon, so we'll get in some more miles there and I hope to have a bit more power than the last time we were there.
For now I'm just happy to be healthy and in a good mindset concerning the cold. Fun and games!
*Pics are from the plane on our way back to Manchester Airport after the first training camp in Spain and a look out of my bedroom window after another nice and chilly night.

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