10 February 2009

Late Morocco Pic

I was just sent a few pictures from the African Champs in Morocco, back in November last year.
Unfortunately I still don't have any photos from the actual contact with my dear Moroccan friend, but at least I now have this pic. Notice how close to the line and to the banners he is ;)
Thanks Theresia.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan

Just finished reading your Ride mag article in which you describe this race. Well done on winning against what seems to have been a really competitive if not desperate opponent.

BTW, I really enjoy your Ride mag articles, and I hope that your stories never dry up. They give a unique insight into life as a pro in Europe, with all its ups and downs, and I'm sure that they are followed with a great deal of interest by aspiring youngsters in SA who are contemplating a pro career.

Dan said...

Thank you! That is greatly appreciated and I do hope that you are right that some youngsters back home are reading and interested in what I have to say. I certainly always wanted to know as much as possible when I was back home, thats what it's all about :)

steve said...

Is that why you were always to be seen in the eikestad mall CNA reading ciclosport magazine without ever buying it?!

Anyway, that picture is tiny! I think you need to put some arrows in for us.