26 April 2008

Lovely leg...

Today I am spending another day holed up in the team house after it became blatantly evident that my leg is a bigger problem that initially expected. Since the crash on the first day of Tour du Loire et Cher my left leg has been really hurting me and pulling me out of joint completely.
I initially thought that I had sprained my knee but now am not sure at all. We had a physio here the other day and he did some funky things to my leg. It seemed to help, but only for about 24 hours. Now the legs feel exactly the same way it did five days ago. Which is not a good thing.
Just have to hold on until Monday so that I can go and see Peppo the Chiro in Italy.

Does this also give me an excuse as to why I did not feel as strong as I expected at the Tour? Hmmm...

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