17 April 2008

Quick update

Internet coped out on us in the hotel last night so this will be very quick. We are leaving the hotel in 30min for 205 fun kilometers in a howling wind. Should be interesting!
Yesterday was a bit of a bugger. I got second in the first KOM and was lining myself up nicely for the second one when someone crashed and I went down as well. Two kilometers before the second KOM. Ai!
It was a funny fall (more on that later) but I was scrambling back to find my bike and hop on within no time. Once on it things were not so good and I looked down to see my derailleur was smashed. Yelling to Davide over the radio about what happened didn't help much as the road was so narrow that it took a long time for the service vehicles to come up to us. A quick bike swap and a looong chase back into the bunch with the help of Davide and a German rider and I thought all was well. Only to find out that 35 riders had gone down the road, including Jaro and Colombo. Within no time they had 3 minutes on the bunch and I thought all was over.
Fortunately enough teams missed the move and within the last few kilometers we caught up to the front. Well. Fortunately for me, unfortunately for Jaro. Not quite sure which is better right now, but we'll see as the tour progresses.
Jaro, Alain and I ended up in the bunch sprint, but all of us were at the back somewhere.
Off for stage two now with what seems like a sprained knee. Does that even exist?
Fun fun!

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