17 April 2008

Part two

Alain managed fifth in the stage. Really impressive considering how far back he was at the last corner, 400 meters to go. Both of us were not suicidal in the final kilometers so I think we can both be glad to be safe rather than sorry!
I managed 19th in the gallop, which must be one of my best results in a sprint like this in Europe. Of course there were so many crashes so I wont make to much of a big thing out of it. This means that Alain moves up to 11th and I sneak into 14th on GC. Top thirty have the same time though so we will have to wait until the hills come before things really get interesting! The important thing is that Davide moves up to 8th from 20th in the convoy. That makes life so much easier!
To end it off, shocker of the day: As we came into a little French village at full tilt, swooping around a corner we came across a very old lady busy crossing the road. A motor biker, there to clear the road had stopped and virtually threw her walker onto the sidewalk and moved her as fast as he possibly could, imminent disaster waiting just waiting to happen. Fortunately everyone in the group saw her and avoided hitting her even though she was on the inside of a left hand bend ie. the shortest route for us to take...
That could have ended so badly...

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