11 July 2008

GP Jura

So last weekend we had the 180km GP Jura and I was not all that keen on lining up for the suffer fest that was lying ahead of me. Legs felt like lead in the week before so I was not to positive.
In the end things actually went a lot better than expected. I was active and going down the road way more than expected helping out Matteo and Konrad who were obviously feeling better than I was. I was shelled on the second last BIG climb but managed to sneak my way back to the front and into a few more moves before we headed up the last big climb (big implying long, about 8km, there were short and steep ones left on the finishing circuit). As we started it my legs became solid with cramps and I nearly came to a complete stop. So that was it for me for the day. A nice 150km training ride as I just cruised to the circuit and climbed off, happier than I had expected to be.
Now we have had another weird week of training. Big plans, not really coming together, and really tired all the time. And Sunday is the next big appointment. The 1.2 Medio Brenta in Italy, only my fourth Italian race of the season. Should be better than Jura, so now rest up and let's see.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Doc! I hope it will be good in next race... I don't know if I can suggest something - I'm just a so small and poor (ex)cyclist- , but from my position I can only tell you to keep calm and not worry too much about your legs! U know, if you've a strong mind U have strong legs!;-) I think U should look back the road you've riden in these last years long and I'm sure U can consider that it's been a long and hard climb but it's been a great growth and now U just have to catch the results (if U look at the road behind U, it's just a down hill:))... I'm sure you've learned so much...and now it's time to let ALL see who U are!;-)
NEVER GIVE UP... NEVER!!!!!!!!!Barbara