25 September 2008

World Champs Time Trial, Elite Men, Varese 25.09.2008

So, Today is the day...
I would like to say that the weather is 'nice' but after using that word to death in my last post I think I'll refrain from that this time and instead say that the weather is fabulous right now. Sun is shining and although it is chilly thanks to the new snow on the nearby mountains it will be perfect by the time I roll off the start ramp at 13h52.
I am nr 32 of 58 riders, which means that there are 26 riders starting in front of me and 31, everyone at 2 minute intervals. I'll take my mid pack ranking as a compliment, thank you very much! Fredrik Ericsson from Sweden is my carrot while I will have little Felix Cardenas of Barloworld/Colombia starting behind me and Janez Brajkovic Astana/Slovenia behind him . That simplifies my first goal of not being passed by anyone during the race, unlike last year...
Final preperation is just about to kick off with a nice bowl of pasta at 9am. This should be fun!
Hold thimbs


Anonymous said...

I will be there and if U don't ride as U r able to do... Ti prendo a borracciate!!!!;)))))))))
STERKTE!!! Barbara

steve said...

GOOd luck Dan,,

holding thimbs for ya

steve said...

hey Dan, you made it onto cyclingnews..with 2 photos!but you knew that already.legend

so did that slovenian with the unpronounceable name take you near the end?you get to ride some slip