26 September 2008

World Champs Time Trial Race Report, Elite Men, Varese 25.09.2008

That didn't go according to plan...
I have a hand full of valid excuses lined up, but at the end of the day I gave it what I had yesterday and came home empty handed. I was disappointed with my final position, but even more so with the way I felt during the ride. Going over the top of rollers I never felt able to get the right gear rolling to take advantage of the downhills.
On a more positive note that does mean that I can do better and that yesterday was not my best day on the bike (who's surprised, first TT in a year... kind of to be expected).
My big goal of not being passed was sadly smashed to smithereens about three kilometers from the line when Janez zoomed past me at what seemed like the speed of light. Being overtaken by someone who has worn the Gold Jersey at the Vuelta Espania is not something to be embarrassed about, but its still never a fun feeling. It just proves what you already know, you aint going fast enough..
So in the end I finished 51st out of 57, way down from my so called 'ranking' of 32nd.
As I finished the race I was stopped by a very friendly and very pregnant lady who turned out to be Hedwig Kröner from Cyclingnews.com
Shocked as I was, I nearly fell off my bike... I was rude enough to let all the questioning be one sided but never the less was very pleased to be interviewed. Even if I felt my performance on the day did not warrant it (had I mentioned my 132 Europe Tour points it might have been a different matter..).
So this morning I awoke to this nice little surprise http://www.cyclingnews.com/news.php?id=news/2008/sep08/sep26news2
Thanks Hedwig! I really appreciate that and hope to see you at many more races in the future!
Of course Mariano Botta (La Rgione Ticino) and Pierre Carrey were also there, so I felt like quite the celebrity talking to Journo's after the race. Now I just have to get my TTing to correspond with the big talk :)
Meanwhile back at the ranch Bert Grabsch took the win 5minutes 39 faster than me. Svein Tuft the tough Canadian took a well deserved (but surprising) second place and Dave Z got the Bronze. My man Janez nabbed eighth.

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