13 September 2008

The long wait

Trofeo Morucci was my last race for a while as there is a gaping hole of 18 days without racing between it and the World TimeTrial Champs. Gaps in racing are fine when the form is off or when rest is needed, but when you're flying (and bored) and there are no races around to do, then it is just plain irritating.
On the bright side I do have a lot of time to play around on the TT bike and get myself ready for the sixty minute suffer fest. I'd still rather be racing though...
During the week we took a drive across the border to go and check out the Varese TT course. A mere 60km from here, it still takes an hour in the car thanks to the small roads one has to take. Much better by bike ;)
As for the course. I made the mistake of giving Colombo the map and not paying enough attention myself (not that it would have really helped) so we got lost a few times during the first few km's and completely left out the last 5km as we had run out of time and Davide was waiting for us back at the car. We did however get to see the main descent, the long loop around the lake and the main drag/climb back into town.
What do I think?
I think its going to hurt.
Then again, I didn't really need a degree in rocket science to figure that out.
The course is quite nice. I think that TV viewers should enjoy it as the course is nice and open and there are some nice views, especially along the lake. There are a few nice bumps along the way that'll get the blood flowing and a few corners on the descent that will need some more detailed inspection but in general the roads are quite big and open. Flowing is a nice word to describe it. The last 10km will really really hurt though. After 35km of being on the rivet the route climbs up a wide road winding ever so slightly. Nothing steep, but rather long. That's where the big time differences will appear.
After last years embarrassing ride I am heading in this year without too many expectations. Just that I have to reduce that huuuge 6minute deficit that I was left with last year.


Anonymous said...

Wow! How many more times could you have used 'nice' in the last paragraph! Nice! Ha ha! My

Dan said...

Ooops... Good point that.

Anonymous said...

bevokte site, good luck 4 worlds. hope u ride in a top team next year