08 March 2008

Giro del Capo Stage 5

The last stage of the Tour was the traditional 5km Signal Hill TimeTrial. After barely sleeping for the third day in a row (no idea why!?) and having a slightly blocked nose in the morning (also coming over the last two days) I was not really looking forward to this stage. Nor have I ever really.
After a nice warm up it was off to the start ramp as I watched Domenique Cornu start ahead of me at a blistering pace. One minute later and I set off, immediately feeling slower than he had looked. Initially I thought that I had a decent rhythm but realized that was not really the case after a while. Not much to be done though, I just kept on pushing and briefly enjoyed the great crowd support at the Kloof Nek hairpin. After that it was just a normal TT suffer fest and I eventually crossed the line in a whopping 14min05 a whole 95seconds behind David George who once again won the stage.
Chris Froome put in a fabulous ride to take second on general classification! A fantastic result and a great way to start his first year in the pro ranks!
Now all that awaits us are the Funride World Champs, the infamous Argus. Should be fun!

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