15 March 2008

Nam Champ Jersey

My team (www.TeamFidiBC.com) has just given me to the go ahead to design a Namibian Champ Jersey to wear for the 2008 season. No such thing has ever existed before so I need help in designing it.
Whoever comes up with the best design will win a full set of FidiBC kit (bibs, shirt, gloves and socks made in Italy by oneleven www.tecnowear.it) posted to you by yours truly.
Designs can be sent to me at dancraven[at]gmail[dot]com
The closing date has been extended to Monday 17h00, just in time for the NCF meeting to make their decision.
Other info:
I would like to have the Sun from our flag integrated into the design but otherwise do not have any requests. Colours can be whatever you like but obvious choices would come from the flag.


On the national champion's jersey, the following advertising spaces shall be authorized:

• on the front and back of the jersey, in a rectangle 10 cm high;

• area comprising shoulders and sleeves: maximum 5 cm high in a single line;

• on the sides of the jersey: a 9 cm wide strip;

• the manufacturer's label (25 cm

2) may appear once only on the jersey and once on each leg of

the shorts.

these advertising spaces shall be reserved for the rider's usual sponsors.

Here's an idea to kick start your creative mind!

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