04 March 2008

Giro Stage 1

The Giro kicked off this morning at 9.30 with a 105km stage starting and finishing in Wellington. All started well and I was keeping an eye out for the strong winds that we were all expecting. After about 45km and still no strong winds I drifted to mid pack and was sleeping when all of a sudden things got crazy and the bunch blew apart in the gutter.
Obviously I had been fast asleep and did not notice the wind pick up. Try as I might, there was no getting back to the front and I was left in the second group for the rest of the day. On the way up Bains Kloof I tried to get away several times but that didn't work out the way I had planned.
All in all I'm rather irritated about my lapse in concentration but pleased with my shape. Seems I am strong, just lacking the explosiveness that I will need later in the season.
As for the Nam team, we are already minus one as someone rode into the back of Ananias' bike and destroyed his derailleur. Marc and Lotto were in the third bunch while Mannie and Arno were with me in the Second bunch. We were all sleeping while the guttering was happening it seems.
Tomorrows another day, should be fun!

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