26 March 2008

La Rue Tourangelle 1.2

Two days later and we were close to Tours for a 195km over lovely climbs and terrible little back roads. Another chilly day made for temperatures between 3 and 8 degrees, this time at least it was dry so I was happy.
After the first two Euro races going badly I was rather edgy and scared, so instead of being aggressive and playing about, I sat in more than I should have. This resulted in the break going away without me. Again. The bunch reacted really strangely so in the end two Ukrainians were left to ride away for the win. Back in the bunch I was sitting the front, making all the splits in the gutter, but it always came back together in any case, so that didn't help much.
Going over the last bump of the day I was in first position 'gooiing it' full tilt, down the other side and Jaro, my Polish team mate, came swooping past me. Knowing him I got on his wheel to leave a nice gap just before the next bend. This gave him a nice lead over the pack who were not sure what to do. The moments hesitation was all Jaro needed and he was able to TT home for 5km to take a well deserved third place! Nice.

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