05 March 2008


Made a mistake yesterday by not adding the link to the pictures...
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
On the 11th photo you can see me catching some wind, not too far behind the Pink Jersey of Christian Pfannenberger, Austrian Champ, riding for Barloworld.
15th photo was the second time going up Vissershok, I'm in 6th position but all you can see is my right arm, recognisable by the glove, sleeve and wrist band. Just trust me on that one ;)

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Nina said...


Hi! We met you in Stell in '04 (I was doing a semester there) and raced with you and the Maties (I think Charles raced in one of your jerseys during one of the winter league races). I found your blog through their website. After 3 months of snowy, icy roads SA looks like heaven! So nice to hear you're racing so well!

Congrats on your nats win. Such a nice recognition, despite a small field. An old coach always said to me, "It's not your responsibility to fill the field!" Hang in there at the Giro. We've been following on cyclingnews. Your field is stacked! Hope you make it into a good break!

Let us know if you ever need a place to crash on the east coast, USA. We'd be happy to host you and teammates. Charles is on a good amateur team here; we're hoping this is his breakthrough season to bigger and better places.

Best of luck with the rest of your year! Are you in Europe all summer?


Nina and Charles
Vermont, USA