10 March 2008

Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Tour

The Funride World Champs! Always a lot of fun. After yet another night of barely sleeping we were up at sparrows so that we could start the Argus at a sprightly 6.15 on Sunday morning. With the weather and my legs playing along nicely all was well as we set off at a fast speed with Barloworld sitting at the front keeping things together for Robbie. Chris Froome did an AMAZING job, basically pacing the whole way with the help of his team mate Felix and much later in the race one rider from Neotel. Really impressive to sit at the back of the pack and see what they were doing!
Thanks to their terrific work the pace was steady all day long and we all had a relatively easy ride, chatting and having fun most of the way. I was waiting for Suikerbossie, keen to make a move and interested to see if Domenique Cornu (Belgian National Team) was going to follow my suggestiona and attack with me.
At the base of Suikerbossie I found myself on his wheel and he took off like a bullet! The two of us went all out and only two other riders were with us as we opened up a small gap on the field. Of course we were never going to get far as Pfannenberger chased us down, but it was still fun giving it a go.
After that it was sit in again and wait for Robbie to win the sprint which he did with relative ease. I misjudged the sprint, again, but was still pleased with my 18th place for the day.
The rest of the day was spent socializing with people that I have not seen in ages, which was really a lot of fun! Really great to see everyone again!
Now I am in Whk for 36 hours before heading off to EU for the season. Can not wait!!!

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tsindle said...

Thanks for the stories and good one! I miss not watching it live, and the coverage I could find on the SA web is abysmal. Hope the Namibian team lived up to its usual reputation at the after party?